our story

In 2004, santtu parikka founded 画廊production, a VR and gaming studio that won multiple awards for animation.

In recent years, as our passion for all things VR/AR has grown, we’ve been drawn to an important challenge: to enable people thousands of miles apart to collaborate effectively in virtual环境, just as they might in a real physical setting.

In 2016, Santtu and our cxo juha ruistola revealed the first multi-user VR prototypes. These proved an instant hit. A year later, as we crystallized our new mission, vision and strategy, 皇冠hg3088推荐 was born.

since then, our 30-strong team has continued to build on our legacy and break new ground in multi-user VR software, developing 皇冠hg3088推荐 into the全lly-featured virtual协作平台we are today.

A word from our management

jussi havu


“The impact we’re making with 皇冠hg3088推荐 is tremendous. We’re enabling a more sustainable way of doing business with less corporate travel. 皇冠hg3088推荐 is helping companies to save on their travel spend, reduce harmful emissions and lessen the toll on employees and their families.”

santtu parikka

founder & cdo

“If a team is relying on technology to bring them together, then the technology must work flawlessly. The interaction must be frictionless. This is what we’re optimizing for at 皇冠hg3088推荐.”

juha ruistola

founder & cxo

“When we place people together in a virtual room, what they see and hear as well as what they can touch and manipulate must combine to elicit the feeling that they are there with others even when there is great physical distance between them.”

our investors

We are building 皇冠hg3088推荐 together with top tier investors.

For more information about investing in 皇冠hg3088推荐
contact us at bd @ www.medinatural.net

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